Wednesday, June 9, 2010

for posterity's sake...

the end of school marked the beginning of "crazytown" for us and i was never able to share any pictures from the girls' end of the year celebrations!!! they were both adorable!

maddie's class hosted a precious nursery rhyme performance where she made her debut as jill with her special little friend parker (as jack)! they did such a great job...and maddie was not shy at all! the whole class each performed their parts...and then all the little girls danced to "twinkle twinkle"!!!! too cute! part of hearts will always be with mrs. poleman and the puppy class!

ella and the rest of the older children performed some very sweet of which was "i am a promise" that i distinctly remember singing when i was just her age!!!! she has just grown up so much...we just couldn't be prouder of her and all that she is!

it's hard to believe that this year came and went so think that we didn't even know ava when school started...and now we're on the downhill slide to her first birthday! time flies when you're having fun i suppose!

thank you mrs. poleman and mrs. rogers for loving our girls. you've been the cause of many smiles around our house...and we'll be forever grateful to you for teaching our girls way more than you had to!


Dayne said...

mere......this post was fabulous!!! The pictures of you and Jeff and the girls are wonderful! I, too, am so proud of you all! Love, Mom and Honey

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Hooray for a good year and for wonderful end-of-year programs to tug at a mommy's heartstrings!! It's so easy to see why you're proud of them.