Friday, January 22, 2010

other random order

birthday parties. packing. diapers. brownies. time with friends. laundry. decisions. big ones. grandaddy. death. blue coast. first laughs. mud. rubber boots. blessed. truly blessed. casseroles. pink. lots of pink. s'mores. thrush. very horrible thrush. straightening. snowmen cupcakes. photo sessions. girl time. walmart at night. valentine happies. lack of sleep. vet appointment. foot rubs. playtime. holding an utterly amazing baby girl. prayers. spring pj's. cuddles. new colors. cold. cookie cake. hosting. visiting. lovin'. lots of lovin'. snow days. veggies that start with "r". sister sleepovers. pretending. reunions.

just some significant and not so significant moments in our lives...things i don't ever want to forget...

no matter big or small.

each moment makes up "a day in the life of a price"...and each moment holds value. these are the days i want to remember...because i know i'll miss them when they're gone.

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