Friday, January 29, 2010

lucky 13...or so...

this by no means should indicate that i don't want people to keep commenting here...but i just have to say this:

granna - i am so glad that you are still visiting...and you win the prize for 1st comment! hope you are enjoying those sweet grand babies!

megsy - (aka sister friend) you are ever faithful! no doubt i can always count on you to give a shout out! gosh, do i ever miss you! why on earth did we not think to modge podge when i lived within driving distance from you? maybe one day!!!!!

mandy - if we want to talk about cute...we must talk about YOU and YOUR FAMILY! good grief! your little man is getting SO big. jeff's sister just moved to little rock so maybe we could get together with you and "uncle dunc" sometime soon! thanks for keeping up with us...i keep up with you too!!!!! :)

di - what can i say...we've stuck together in the blog world through lots of moves! so glad we both landed back in the south!!!! you know i'm a big fan of the hunter blog!!!!

jenny - so great to hear from you! i just ate a malted milk ball and i feel so guilty...knowing that you probably just juiced the entire produce section for your family! you are a.M.a.Z.I.n.G! i certainly hope that you can use the camping ideas one day...and maybe invite us to the know we love to do birthdays with you guys!!!!!!

rebecca - so excited to hear from a "painting me happy" follower! i'm hoping to start back soon...i really do miss it! i would love to meet you again sometime...did we do a painting with your kiddos' tootsies? what a crazy but fun day!

jennifer - oh, jennifer, i do still have your monkey painting! i see it almost every day!!!!! i can certainly get that to you very soon! so glad to hear that you are still stopping by the are precious!

liz - definitely one of the ole' faithfuls!!!! you are always so encouraging and i appreciate it so!

mom - you are simply the BEST! enough said! and about that "living in the same town thing"...we need to see you more!!!!!! :)

lori - don't know what happened there...'cause i certainly follow the davidson den! hopefully, that's cleared up now! see you guys soon...isn't it weird to say that now! thanks for all your commenting...always one i can count lots of ways!

emily - girl...great to hear from you! miss p. is Precious with a capital P you will notice!!! can't believe her big day is near...isn't being a mommy the best!?!? please send pics of the celebration...i know it will be fantastic!!!!

katie - now this is strange! i was at that huge indoor playground in little rock a couple of weeks ago with my kiddos and my nephews and i met a family...and the husband used to work with you! anyway, so funny that i would now hear from you! i am so proud of you for starting a has really been an amazing experience for me...and i love the fact that my girls will have so many moments of their life chronicled in the words of their mommy! please let me know what yours will be so that i can follow!!!!

carrie - you are such a sweetheart...and my girls adore you! thanks for following our blog...and i'll let you slide this time without remembering your login info...just kidding!!!! :)

brooke - you little sneak you! no comment...just a tiny little picture of lola on the right! i love you!

o.k. friends...please let me know if you stop by! i really do love it...just about as much as i love all of you!

uuh hum - laura...where are you miss priss?


Chad and Rebecca said...

Yes, you did a snowman painting with my son and daughter's feet. I would love to do that again now that they are getting bigger...maybe next Christmas. You are so talented and I look forward to you starting up again with your painting.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Ha ha! Good thing you cleared that up. I wasn't sure how I was ever going to forgive you... ;) Love you guys!!