Friday, October 30, 2009

whew...what a wednesday we weathered!!!

it is friday...and all schools in shreveport have been canceled due to some horrible weather we experienced last we're all just hanging out - mostly just lovin' on our new baby - and gearing up for a fun, full weekend!

we had a SUPER busy wednesday this week...but i lived to blog about it somehow!!!!

ella's class was learning the letter "s", so they surprised the kids by having a "surprise stroll" to the park! jeffrey walked with ella and her class while i drove the younger girls. jeffrey grabbed maddie, while i nursed ava in the car, so that they could play...and then we had a picnic lunch! ella was so happy to have her whole family there...even though ava never made an appearance out from under the blanket!!!!!

when school was over for the day, i picked ella up and we headed to a halloween "pumpkin patch party" at gymboree! just the big girls and me! it was lots of fun...and several friends were there with their little pumpkins! we danced, jumped, bounced, sang, made crafts, and ate a snack! honey even came to hang out with us too! unfortunately, ava must have missed us too much...because she made it very clear that she felt left out...and wanted us HOME!

i dashed home to nurse little bit so that we could make it to "pumpkin shine on line" in time to see all the fabulous pumpkins. people are so very creative...and we had lots of fun walking through the park looking at the fun designs!

we got home well after bed time, but it was a fun filled day...packed with lots of memories that i hope my girls will one day appreciate! i love spending time with them doing special things... and i can't wait (well, really i baby can't already be 3 weeks old) until we see what miss ava brings to the mix! no doubt she will be just as precious as her big sisters!

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