Thursday, October 22, 2009

squeaky clean...

ava's umbilical cord finally fell off so we were able to introduce her to her first REAL bath experience! in keeping with what all the other price girls have done and DO, this little lady thoroughly enjoyed herself! we've been battling a little bit of colic with her in the it was nice to give her something "fun" to do during her fussy time!

she is such a content baby during the day and we are enjoying getting to know her more and more...the "sister love" that is going on around here is abundant...i am so proud of the way that ella and madeline love our new addition!

she got a great report at the pediatrician this week...she's already up to 8 lbs 4 ozs...and apparently is destined to be tall like her daddy!!! how they predict that i have no idea!

we love you baby ava...especially your clean, burts bee's smellin' self!!!!!


tuckerfam said...

oh my Goodness!!!! Those are the pics that Aunt Mamie was dying to see LAST night...that your daddy did NOT text me!!! LOL! OH! MY!!! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Please stop growing so fast our sweet baby Ava-girl...until Aunt Mamie can come get some snuggles!!! I cant wait to hold you SOON...SOON!

Megsy said...

I can't believe that she's finally here....watching you be pregnant all those months and always wondering WHO was in there!!! AVA GIRL!!!