Monday, March 16, 2009

a little springtime tease...

as if i didn't know it before, i am not a winter person. i love each season...but i seem to love it more "southern style"!!!! i love the brisk air that appears after the long summer...the louisiana winter...springtime breeze...and i love an occasional snow...but i just don't love a never ending winter!!!!

so i was thrilled last week when the girls and i were able to spend lots of mornings outside...with even a few lunches out there as well! it was nice to "air" out a little bit and feel the sun on our skin! ella & madeline made lots of food for the birds and had fun taking turns in the swing...well, i don't know how much fun the taking turns part was for them!!!!!!

it is now cold and rainy we will have to be patient once again...but at least we got a taste of what is to come...and it sure was nice!!!!
**as a side note, ella really doesn't always look like "cousin it"...but i just realized that her hair was in her face in EVERY picture!!!!!!!**

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