Monday, March 16, 2009

husband extraordinaire...

i know, i blogging lately has been less than extraordinaire...but i am hopeful that i will do better - the never ending winter seems to have "iced" my creativity...but due to the "gentle nudge" of some price family blog fans...i will try to deliver!!!!!!

i have the BEST friends and family in the world...and they made my birthday a week ago wonderful! however, the person that deserves the most credit for making me "queen for a day" is my sweet husband!!! he has been on his "A game" (his A+ game really) lately...and for that i am so thankful! no other present needed...seriously!

we spent the majority of my birthday outside playing in the warm weather...which was WonDerFul! my husband surprised me with a gift that i could have NEVER seen coming...and has seriously caused me some sleepless nights (this will need explaining)!!!! i am scared to death to sing in public...never have in my whole life...except for choir when i was growing up! i have been asked to sing in people's weddings...but have always been too terrified to even attempt it...the thought of it at this very moment has my stomach in knots!!!!! anyway, my husband being the "risk taker" that he is...therefore, pushing me outside the box, has scheduled a session for me at a recording studio to create my own lullaby CD for my children!!!!! while i am SOOOO very nervous, the fact that my husband comes up with these unique and creative gifts makes me smile! i honestly don't know HOW i am going to survive this...but there are worse things in life i suppose!!!!!! (that's debatable at this point...)
if that's not enough...he topped it by making me a homemade pound cake...which turned out perfectly delicious! one of my favorite cakes in the world is my grandma biscuit's pound cake and jeffrey's grandma's pound cake! in honor of his own grandmother, jeffrey decided to give it a whirl! he even had to make his own homemade buttermilk...the cake was FANTASTIC!!!!!! he was very proud of his baking abilities...and i was in heaven!!!!!

what more could a girl ask for on her birthday...a daddy extraordinaire, a gift extraordinaire, a chef extraordinaire, a husband extraordinaire...

a prince extraordinaire.

thank you, jeffrey for being all that i could ask for...and more.


Cavers said...

Kudos to Jeff! What a great idea. You will do GREAT!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Me said...

Wow! Tell Jeff I'm very impressed--with the whole thing! I'm so glad your birthday turned out wonderful.