Thursday, February 12, 2009

could it get any sweeter?

ella & madeline won't fully grasp how much they are loved until they are older. they won't understand how often their parents pray for their safety, pray for their hearts to be pure, pray that they will be little girls that love and give to others.

one thing that i am sure they do know though is that they have an amazing daddy.

jeffrey has grown so much as a man since these two little girls came into his life...and he tries SO incredibly hard to make sure that his daughters know how special they are to him. not a day goes by that he doesn't find a way to connect with each of them...and the smiles that cross their faces when he walks in the door are tiny memories worth treasuring forever.

i can't help but wonder how my husband, their daddy, is ever going to be able to walk them down the aisle. as most little girls are...they are madly in love with their daddy...and are pretty sure at this point, they will just marry him!

jeffrey does so many amazing things with ella & madeline...things that i feel are just weaving the "net" to create for them such feelings of love, acceptance, & self worth. when they fall, they will definitely have a safe place to land. he takes them to breakfast on saturday mornings for souffle & cinnamon rolls, he climbs trees, he teaches them to throw the football while they wear their high heels, he makes bacon & eggs for them on a weekday morning just so he can see them before he goes to work, he cuddles with them, reads books to them, writes notes for them to see in the morning, goes and sings to them when they are scared in the middle of the night, makes a point to listen to them and talk to them...and he does these things A LOT.

i am so blessed to have married a man that cares about what his little girls need, cares about their spiritual growth, cares about the way they learn, cares about how they feel about themselves...

it is our hope that when they become adults, our girls will want to start drawing on the investment we made with them as children. we want them to seek our advice, enjoy our company & friendship, share with us their fears and their faults, and allow us to celebrate their accomplishments. simply...we want them to know we tried our best from the start to prove to them how precious they are.

jeffrey whole heartedly tries his best to do ALL of this...and i love him so much for that. i couldn't imagine raising children with anyone else.

sure there are other daddies in this world...but there are no other daddies like "ours"...and it doesn't get any sweeter than that!

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