Saturday, February 7, 2009

back on the birthday express...

i hate to say that since we've lived up here (just about 1 year to the day)...we have only attended 2 birthday parties! since it is too sad to think that we just haven't been invited to other shindigs...i'll just choose to believe that people up here just don't "do" birthdays in D.C. like they "do" in the south!!!!!!

but today, however, a fellow southerner's little boy turned 2 and the whole family was invited to celebrate with him! he's a big fan of big yellow school we "zoomed" on over to their house this eat a big yellow school bus cake...for breakfast! the girls were in hog heaven and frankly, so was their mother! it was truly one of the most delicious cakes i have ever eaten...i had to "steal" another piece to bring home for later!!!!!!!

megsy (aka birthday planner extraordinaire) did a great job of tending to every last detail! goldfish and donut holes were spilling out of garbage trucks and and bus banners were adorning the walls...and "go's" were available for all the kiddos to zoom around at their leisure!

after lots of snacking, singing, and school bus lovin'...the price family was happy to say that our first birthday party of 2009 (besides our precious maddie's of course) was a great one!

happy, happy day william! we were so thrilled to be a part of your second birthday celebration!!


Megsy said...

Hey! THANK YOU for coming to the party and saying those sweet things about the fun times! We LOVE YOUR FAMILY and can't wait for more memories. Here's to a good ol' school bus! LOVE YA! Megsy

Liz Folds said...

What an adorable cake! It looked good, too!
Glad all the family had fun and William looked precious!