Thursday, May 17, 2012

there's a new kid in town...

 it wasn't really planned that we would be expanding our family...but after much pleading from each "parent"...jeff FOR...mere AGAINST...

the "sixth" member of our family became official!

the sunday after brooke & ben's wedding...the entire price family drove down to houston to pick up the newest member of our clan!

elijah "eli" price.  born january 28, 2012.

he was a whopping 8 weeks old when he became a price...and has at least doubled in size since he's been ours.

i wasn't sure i was ready for a "new baby"...and quickly found out that i didn't get a new baby at all...i got another 2 year old!!!!  he is into EVERYTHING!!!  since i had breastfed three of our human babies...i gladly passed the "middle of the night" torch to jeffrey!  he's been getting up with the little man and works with him in the wee hours of the morning.  he is actually very smart...the dog...i mean we all know jeffrey is crazy smart...but eli is quite the learner himself!  

unfortunately for mr. eli...momma has lots to do during the day to make sure that the humans in the household are taken care the sweet boy spends lots of his daylight hours in "his yard"!  i'm hoping that once he is good and house trained (meaning no pottying, chewing, or nipping) - he can hang around inside with us some.  

he has big shoes to fill...emma lou captured our hearts and took a piece of them with her when she left...but i know that with time...he will steal mine as well!

welcome home ole' boy...cause it looks like you're here to stay!  

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