Tuesday, April 10, 2012

our little seedling...

ava ashley. she's a mess & a breath of fresh air all rolled into one! i really don't know what we would do without her in our family. she is quickly emerging as the family comedian...and shrugs her little shoulders when she gets a good laugh!!!!!

as we all like to say around here...we could eat her with a million spoons!!!!

her personality is a mile wide & she does. not. meet. a. stranger! she is zesty (aka "miss sassafras")...but is actually our most laid back little person! she rolls with the flow...and as long as we have some suckers for distraction...she is usually ready to go!

she is fiercely loyal...but also a bit aggressive...yes m'am...she's been sent to "time out" a time or two...but is definitely not a fan of the "rod"...so she tries her best to avoid those spankings!!!!!

she's the family goat...will eat just about anything you put before her...especially if it is accompanied by some dip!

i can't say enough about this little girl and how much we love her!

she is super independent and is currently sort of potty training herself. i'm not quite ready to let go of the fact that she won't be in diapers anymore...so i'm probably breaking every rule in the book...but most days, she insists on wearing panties and is doing a wonderful job! can you hear my frown?!?!?!

she knows all of her colors & shapes, knows how to count to 15, knows all the words to an adele song (thanks for her aunt carmie), has one of the largest vocabularies of any two year old i've ever been around, loves (and i mean LoVeS) to take a bath, enjoys reading books...a lot, still sleeps in late most mornings, still loves her naps from 2-5, is currently wearing a purple tutu and nothing else ;), has the blondest hair & bluest eyes i've ever seen - never what i would have pictured for a daughter of mine...but breathtakingly beautiful, "lubs" her family with gusto, will tell you that "hobby wobby" is one of her favorite places to go, says "oh-kaaaay" in probably the cutest, most country way possible, loves her sisters more than i ever thought she could...and quite possibly has one of the most adorable "booties" on the planet!

we love our ava in ways that cannot be explained. she's a pistol...but a beautifully and wonderfully made pistol and we wouldn't trade her or her personality for anything in the world! you are precious, baby girl...and if the world were running out of smiles...you could single handedly end the shortage!

you are our #1 "smavey aves"...and i hope you know how much you are adored!!!!!!!!!

for some...being cute is just...easy!!!!
serious amounts of per-son-a-lity!!!!
full pout...we see this regularly!!!! :)

nobody makes it better quite like big sisters can...

you're beautiful, sweet one...


Julia said...

I could EAT her up Mere!! What a DOLL!!!!! We have got to see yall soon...they are all growing up too fast! Miss you sweet Friend!

Melanie said...

She is a hoot and adorable as all 3 of the girls are!!

The Shaver Family said...

The second picture is AH MAZING! Seriously, just made my day. Love her and all those Price girls :)