Sunday, February 26, 2012

"snow" much fun...

maddie decided this year that she wanted a swimming party at the swim school! i thought it was a great idea...because what kiddos don't want to hit the pool in the middle of january! i also decided that it would be really fun to use a snowman theme...because you don't typically think about snowmen going for a dip...but ours sure did!

my little five year old had a well as her two sisters...and all her pals! we are so blessed with such precious friends and family...and spending the day celebrating our sweet girl was so much fun!

the kids swam, and swam, and swam some more...

maddie's favorite little guy...parker
daddy has a lot of fans!!!
one little munchkin has always adored the water...since the literal moment she was born...and this day proved to be just the same...our little water bug
but the rope was definitely the biggest hit...even our tiniest price gal gave it a try...many times and LOVED it!

since the birthday girl doesn't much care for cake...i decided to serve "snowman" donuts! (yes, i absolutely got this idea from pinterest and tweaked it just a bit!!!) yummy...and cute!

maddie with her "bestie" (mary banilla...aka mary linnea) enjoying her "song"!
ella's favorite place...cuddled in honey's arms!

the guests left with the makings for some "snowman soup"...even though it was so hot in shreveport this day that we could have had the swimming party outside!!!!!

another party in the books...another success...and another memory of a happy girl! can't wait to start planning the next one...but not before i soak up every second of my "middle's" 5th year!!!!


Melanie said...

such a cute idea for a winter birthday party!!

Emily said...

I love how the girls swim in their bows!