Thursday, January 12, 2012

my maddie

my maddie.

i've thought a lot today about why i'm always drawn to saying "my maddie"...& the only thing i can come up with is that i am just SO glad she's mine...that i want everyone to know it. she is truly such a blessing to me...and to everyone she comes in contact with.

she turned 5 today.

which means that for five years, i have experienced a love that cannot ever be explained on this matter how hard i try. i have experienced a pride so intense that tears could just stream from my eyes. for five years, i have been loved by one of the sweetest, most compassionate little people...and for five years...i have been blessed to be her mommy.

to say that "my maddie" is adorable is an understatement! she is incredibly unselfish...and super helpful to me - just a couple traits that make her so special. just last night, she went upstairs to clean their room by herself. when she was finished, she quietly came and grabbed my hand to take me up to see her "finished product". she was humbly proud of herself...and had placed a pillow in the middle of their room..."in case i needed to faint"!!!!! *melt*

she cries harder than her sisters when they are getting punished...even if she's been wronged.

she still can't pronounce those "r's"...which i secretly adore...and sounds a bit like she's from jersey! i may have to be committed when she does start saying things "cowectly"!

she still sings like a bird...and has just about perfect pitch! the teachers at school can't get over it...i'm thinking we need to get her way more involved in music soon!

"na" still goes e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e - & really, i wouldn't have it any other way. it's just my maddie. anything less would be...well...less!

she still has the ability to get hurt A. LOT...& quite possibly could be the only human to figure out a way to get a paper cut from a kleenex. bless her heart...she's just such a doll!

she is aLwAyS thinking about others...and would literally give you everything she owned if she thought you needed or wanted it!

there's bound to be an invisible halo somewhere...

i realize i'm gushing...and yes, she's a typical child...definitely not perfect...although she's pretty darn close...

but i just don't ever want her to think that because she's in the middle...that she means any less. that i didn't take time to know her inside and out. that i didn't notice.

she's simply amazing. and she's had 5 years to prove it.

hard to believe i just typed those words.

five years.

five years ago today i was very busy. very busy falling in love with a new baby. studying every detail of her face, her fingernails, her belly button. very busy preparing my heart to love yet another daughter. i remember those moments like they were yesterday. it was just my maddie & me...quietly alone in our hospital room in the wee hours of the night...getting to "know" each other.

little did i know...that tiny bundle would completely and utterly blow me away with her unselfish ability to love. her amazing determination. her unassuming personality that just draws you in. her precious face. her humility. her ability to instantly forgive.

when i am having to type other 25 or 40...i want her to remember that back when she was 5...she was unlike any other. a unique and sweet little girl...who was simply adored.

i love you, my maddie. God must have been trying to break the mold when He made you. you are like a breath of fresh air...and i will cherish all the breaths that i can.


Melanie said...

very sweet words for a very sweet girl. you are truly blessed!!

Megsy said...

Maddie Boo Boo! We love You! Happy Birthday sister friend!