Sunday, September 11, 2011

21 months...

brings about a lot of change. you might remember a time when ava slept in here...

i sure do...because those are memories that are burned on my heart forever. our third daughter slept next to me - in this isolet - for many, many months...

while she was growing.

and even after she had long outgrown this isolet, it stayed in our hallway because it preserved a glimpse into her "newbieness" (i love making up scrumptious words!).

well, we had to let the isolet go recently...i suppose it was time...although i don't plan on letting go of my baby any time soon!

before we bid it adieu though, i had to have one last photo shoot. somehow a lot has changed in 21 months...don't ya think?!?

***this post is a obviously a tad bit late!!!***

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