Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a beautiful easter...

warning: what you are about to see are LOTS of pictures...mainly "blogged" for the sole purpose of one day...finding a place that can turn my blog into a book...seemingly impossible to find one that i like...nonetheless, a dream of mine...and i always want to remember this easter

now that we got that out of the way...we had a truly beautiful easter day.

we made. it. to. church. on. time. with. a. few. minutes. to. spare. i/we somehow managed to get showered, dressed, get three little girls dressed, make an ice cream dessert and a squash casserole, nurse, check out our easter baskets, and take family pics all before we left for church. quite an accomplishment if you ask me!!!!!

after church, we headed to the meldrum's annual egg hunt for some "pre lunch" fun and fellowship! wow...we all have a LOT of kids! it felt like there were more children than eggs!!!! ava had her very first encounter with the easter bunny and the big girls had fun hunting for the eggs!

we headed straight from there to mom's house for a fabulous easter lunch! everything was extremely delicious. the highlight of our afternoon was when the girls hosted an egg hunt for all the adults...one for the men...and one for the ladies! absolutely adorable! ella rang a bell to get everyone started...and maddie made sure that everything was fair (oh, our little peacemaker!)! dayne said it was a memory he won't soon forget and i would have to agree...it was precious watching them have so much fun!

we spent the afternoon hanging with some of our favorite people (honey & grandpa)...taking naps, coloring, visiting, and playing...and then headed home. it was such a beautiful afternoon and such a special day.

jeffrey and i both commented on the way home that it was just about a perfect day...spent with people we love...spent with our family. it is so amazing to reflect on what the day symbolizes and how thankful we are that God loves us so very much. He makes it easy to feel His love during this time because beauty is all around us...

everywhere you turn there is new life.

i feel so blessed to have what i have...be loved like i am...love like i do...

what a beautiful easter.

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Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Love it! Such pretty family pics--as usual. Wasn't it a lovely day??? But. The Easter Bunny's eyes are freaking me out just a little bit... :)