Sunday, March 14, 2010

luck o' the irish...

saturday was absolutely bee-u-tee-full...and we literally spent ALL day outside! after an unanticipated travel glitch...which caused "daddy" to arrive home in the middle of the night...we delayed our spring break plans and headed out to the st. patty's parade in broadmoor!

the big girls decided to take a spin in their mustang...while miss ava was content to be pushed by mommy! it was a really cute parade and the girls had fun catching even more beads (i think shreveport needs to get on board with the bead recycling!!!!) after the festivities, we kept cruising through the neighborhood soakin' up the rays!!!!

on the way back home, i introduced the rest of the fam to the tree that we used to climb when i was a little girl (who just longed to live on albany...ahh, how life comes full circle!!!!). ella & maddie had a blast and especially loved when jeffrey and i climbed right up in there with them! jeffrey even made it all the way to the top! i'm sure my name was carved somewhere in there...but we weren't able to find it!

we ended the day with our first crawfish of the season...dee-lish!!!! it was a wonderful day spent with the kinda day really!!!! we love this time of year and look forward to what the next few months will bring!

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Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Y'all look so good in all your green. That is one great tree! What a precious experience to share your childhood memories with your hubbie and sweet girls like that.