Friday, October 30, 2009

our little ladybug...

at her fall carnival!

yesterday, jeffrey and i got to go with maddie to her fall celebration! it was so incredibly cute...and her teacher was even dressed like a life size candy corn!!!! madeline was originally going to be a ballerina...but apparently her tutu was "tutu" we made a last minute costume switch to a ladybug (mostly a headless ladybug)...but nonetheless, a cute one!!!!

they decorated placemats...

made trail mix and listened to a story in the tent...

played spooky bingo (major bonus for maddie...candy corns were the "bingo chips"!!!!)...
decorated little pumpkins with silly hair and stickers...

but the funniest thing of all was watching all these little munchkins "bob for donuts"!!!! another major bonus for our junk food lovin' madeline meredith!!!! it was absolutely precious watching her try her best to not use her hands and then feel absolutely compelled to just touch the donut...priceless!!!!!

the parents got such a treat at the end when the children performed their songs for incredibly cute...and our little unassuming actress definitely LOVES being on stage!!

i am so thankful to have this time with my little "middle child"! she keeps us laughing...she's definitely the family comedian! no matter whether a ballerina or a ladybug...she's a keeper...such a gift!

love you so much little ladybug!!!

the only pic we got of "mommy & maddie"...she just couldn't stop chewing!!!!

whew...what a wednesday we weathered!!!

it is friday...and all schools in shreveport have been canceled due to some horrible weather we experienced last we're all just hanging out - mostly just lovin' on our new baby - and gearing up for a fun, full weekend!

we had a SUPER busy wednesday this week...but i lived to blog about it somehow!!!!

ella's class was learning the letter "s", so they surprised the kids by having a "surprise stroll" to the park! jeffrey walked with ella and her class while i drove the younger girls. jeffrey grabbed maddie, while i nursed ava in the car, so that they could play...and then we had a picnic lunch! ella was so happy to have her whole family there...even though ava never made an appearance out from under the blanket!!!!!

when school was over for the day, i picked ella up and we headed to a halloween "pumpkin patch party" at gymboree! just the big girls and me! it was lots of fun...and several friends were there with their little pumpkins! we danced, jumped, bounced, sang, made crafts, and ate a snack! honey even came to hang out with us too! unfortunately, ava must have missed us too much...because she made it very clear that she felt left out...and wanted us HOME!

i dashed home to nurse little bit so that we could make it to "pumpkin shine on line" in time to see all the fabulous pumpkins. people are so very creative...and we had lots of fun walking through the park looking at the fun designs!

we got home well after bed time, but it was a fun filled day...packed with lots of memories that i hope my girls will one day appreciate! i love spending time with them doing special things... and i can't wait (well, really i baby can't already be 3 weeks old) until we see what miss ava brings to the mix! no doubt she will be just as precious as her big sisters!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

5 little pumpkins...

or prices!

the price family of five took our first "real" outing since ava was born and headed out to dixie, louisiana to the country farm pumpkin patch! the weather was absolutely gorgeous (albeit very short lived)...and it felt SO nice to be out in the fresh air! i'm pretty sure miss ava never even knew we were there...she slept the WHOLE time...but her big sisters made up for her share of the fun!

they jumped...

they swung...ok, they didn't swing...but ella sure did...

they rode the "cow train"...

the only thing we didn't do at the "pumpkin patch" was see any pumpkins!!!! that just makes me laugh - but kids don't know the difference...and we were all together which is what counts the most!

as we enter this holiday season, i have much to be thankful for. four family members that bring me more joy than i could have ever is good indeed.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

our roots say we're sisters...

our hearts say we're friends.

squeaky clean...

ava's umbilical cord finally fell off so we were able to introduce her to her first REAL bath experience! in keeping with what all the other price girls have done and DO, this little lady thoroughly enjoyed herself! we've been battling a little bit of colic with her in the it was nice to give her something "fun" to do during her fussy time!

she is such a content baby during the day and we are enjoying getting to know her more and more...the "sister love" that is going on around here is abundant...i am so proud of the way that ella and madeline love our new addition!

she got a great report at the pediatrician this week...she's already up to 8 lbs 4 ozs...and apparently is destined to be tall like her daddy!!! how they predict that i have no idea!

we love you baby ava...especially your clean, burts bee's smellin' self!!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

an arrival fit for a queen...

and her three little princesses!!!! this is what jeffrey (aka "our prince") wanted all of his leading ladies to ride in on our way to welcome ava ashley price to our home! the big girls had a BLAST! we were able to ride around for an hour or so and their daddy had thought of everything! he filled champagne flutes with ice water to toast our new addition, brought along all their favorite tunes, and had installed all three car seats into the limo (cause he knows mommy has a major issue with car safety!!!!)!

the nurses said in all their years, they had never seen a patient (itty bitty or big) leave in a limo! it was truly an experience that we won't soon forget...

and we thank "daddy" for making us all feel so special! he has his work cut out for him for sure...but he is also loved to the moon and back by all his girls...and that's got to count for something!!!!!

this is what the "newbie" did during the whole ride home!!!!

welcome home baby ava!!!

mommy with her newest baby girl


look at this sweet little face!!!!

two happy "big sisters"!!!!

wordless wednesday...